Kings: Hit and Run now available streaming VOD, only $0.59

In 2005, we filmed our first ever, fully independent film. It was written and directed by +Nathan Weaver and was an homage to old film noir classics. The movie titled Kings: Hit and Run is a character study centering on two sons of a mob boss and the lives of those they come in contact with. The eldest, Samuel, is slighted when their father dies and leaves the family business to his younger brother, Randall. The opening scene shows Samuel putting a hit out on his brother, who also happens to be a hitman, so the hunter is now the hunted.

The movie has action, drama and comedy as well. It’s at times tacky, cheesy like an old noir film, but other times a little more thought provoking.

We were so wet behind our ears when we made this movie, that we didn’t even own a camera. For the production, we had to borrow cameras from people we knew. One of the cameras was owned by Chris Keehn, who plays Samuel Calvin in the film.

The movie, while it stands decently by itself, was never intended to be a singular piece. It is the first in a series of three movies; ahem, a trilogy. Production on the second film started in 2006, but lost momentum and only a few scenes were captured at that time.

The story could just as easily be a TV or web series, and in recent years this prospect sounds more thrilling. So, keep an eye and ear out, as you won’t have seen the last of Kings.

But for now, please consider renting Kings: Hit and Run for $0.59. You will have 48 hours to view the movie, following your purchase. You can view the first two minutes of the movie as a preview. The film is embedded below.

Hope you enjoy the show, and thank you for feeding starving artists! Well, not really starving.


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