Stevie’s Shorts: Stevie Goes on a Date

Stevie’s Shorts was an idea I had of writing a series of episodic short stories about a high school nerd named Stevie. It was something I had barely worked on, and one day decided to toss one of the scripts into a script reading night. The result was that Heather ended up reading with Ben, and Heather dug deep for her role. And that night we saw a side of Heather we hadn’t seen before.

We were all so taken by it, that we immediately went from casual reading of scripts for potential future productions to practicing it and planning to film it over the next day or so.

We tossed this production together super fast, and had a blast doing it. It’s absolutely ridiculous, a tossed salad, and has proven to be a fan favorite.

Maybe one of these days we’ll actually produce Stevie’s Shorts FOR REALS.

“Don’t patronize me, I know I’m cool.” Stevie says.

“Of course you are.” Carrie replies.


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