New sharing options in Google+

Google was sneaky when they did their redesign of Google+ yesterday. They failed to mention in their announcement that they have now added new sharing options.

Now when you click the share button on a post, you are presented with 4 different sharing options:

  1. Google+
  2. Copy link
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter

This opens up the door for Google+ posts getting a lot more exposure around the web, Facebook and Twitter. Although, missing from this list is the embed code option, which some folks have already pointed out. The embed code can still currently be found in the classic/old view of Google+ for now and no word yet if Google will add the embed code option back in.

What is the potential of these new sharing options?

Many folks have made Google+ their platform for blogging and video broadcasting. There are web shows that happen weekly on Google+ and giving users the ability to quickly share a post to other networks or even snatch up the link is a great way to support those who have used Google+ as a platform.

But there is one hiccup

However, there is one drawback and hopefully Google will fix this. You have to have a Google+ profile to get the Share popup dialogue. For example, when I opened a Public post in a Private Browsing session (logged out of my Google account) and clicked Share, I was redirected to the Google account login page asking me to log into my Google+ profile.

Fail, Google, fail.


While I love these new sharing options on Google+, and they have a lot of potential, but in its current form it doesn’t encourage non-members to use Google+ and share content from Google+. I’ll be reporting this with Google’s feedback feature, and hopefully they will remove the login wall from sharing to sources outside of Google+.


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