Open Live Writer is the new Windows Live Writer, but open source

Today, after a few years of work, Windows Live Writer has been open sourced by a team of Microsoft employees working on the project in their spare time.

I’m using the app to write this post, and it has the feel of the old Windows Live Writer for the most part. I never used WLW a whole lot anyway back in the day, but I do love the idea of being able to use an offline application to work on blog posts.

Things I feel are missing (for me)

  • No featured image
  • No way to inset an image from media library on WordPress (images already uploaded)
  • No way to caption an image you are uploading

Outside of those three things, I don’t notice a whole lot that seems to be missing. If it means writing up a post, and then pushing it as a draft to to finish with the featured image process and captioning images, I suppose that’s livable.



All-in-all, though, so far it’s pretty nifty.

If you are interested in downloading it and trying it for yourself, or joining the open source-awesomeness of it, you can learn more here.


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