Cross-platform Apps for Collaboration and Productivity: Wunderlist

In this day of apps and digital collaboration, almost everyone has their favorite app for the job. But people also have their favorite devices and operating systems, which means we aren’t always using the same apps.

We’re going to be sharing a collection of solid apps that can be used for collaboration, communication, and productivity with an emphasis on cross-platform compatibility. This is our second in the series, Telegram Messenger was the first. We hope you enjoy and find at least one app that fills a gap for you and your team (whether personally, professionally or educationally).



(Productivity/Project Management)

Wunderlist has been around for several years now, and was purchased by Microsoft in June of 2015, so it will be interesting to see how it plays into Microsoft’s strategy in the future. For now, it is one of the most impressive productivity apps with a to-do list sensibility. Tasks are created, under which several sub tasks and other things can be done. It also has the ability to organize lists into folders, share lists with other users. Users can make notes and comments on tasks. Due dates, priority flags (star), and reminders can be set on tasks as well. Users can also attach files via upload or Dropbox. It’s an impressive feature set for individual and team productivity. Wunderlist is free, but there are also a Pro and Business solution for added features and extras.

Back when I worked at Missouri University of Science and Technology, and Wunderlist was just coming on the scene, students were starting to pick it up as a way to manage their student workload. I recommended it to a student employee of ours once, and he took to it fast and it helped him a lot. It’s fun when you see a product really work for people like that. When technology, hard or soft, is really making a difference in peoples’ everyday lives. Not to sound cheesy, but it is that good of a product. It has a lot of potential use cases–whether you’re using it as a personal management tool for yourself, school, work or even using the pro tools to work as a team–it’s really well put together.

And of course, as is par with the course in this series, it is very cross-platform friendly.

Platforms supported: Android, Apple Watch, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Windows tablets, Chromebook, Mac OSX, Windows, Chrome browser, Firefox browser, Safari browser, and web.


What about you? Do you use Wunderlist? What do you think of it? Have you ever heard of it? Do you have any questions or comments? Sound off in the comments.


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