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We are a small independent production company in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. We do a little bit of everything:

  • short films,
  • television,
  • full-length films,
  • music videos,
  • sketch comedy,
  • commercials,
  • educational,
  • event videography and so on.

Our first production was in 2004, and was a co-production with Fidelity Communications that was a sketch comedy series called Going Nowhere. It was co-written and co-directed by Johnny Mello and Nathan Weaver, and starred Leslie (Ludlow) Czuba, Tracie (Kost) Seabough, David Chirban, Johnny Mello and Nathan Weaver.

Going Nowhere image of Johnny Mello and Tracie Kost
Tracie (Kost) Seabough and Johnny Mello in the series finale of Going Nowhere.

Since then, we’ve produced over a hundred videos both big and small.

You can hire us for your event, wedding, commercial, or services for your film or video project. Please feel free to contact us about any potential collaboration, if you are in need of certain gaps for your production. We’re writers, actors, directors, producers, crew, and more. Visit our Video Services page to get an idea on pricing.


You can reach out to us via the following methods, or by using the contact form below.

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