Public Noir Opera TV app

2/13/19. Our app is currently unavailble in the Vewd app store (formerly Opera TV). This is a result of Dailymotion and Vewd Snap apps cancelling their partnership. We’re looking into a replacement solution. Will update as soon as we have some news. Our app users were our most frequent visitors to our videos, so it’s important to try to find a solution.

We have created a Public Noir app for Opera TV, which can be found on a number of devices, and across a number of brands.

Get apps for your TV.

Simply go to the Opera TV Store on your device and discover our app under Movies & Television, or by searching “Public Noir”.

It’s a great way to keep Onyx Dragon Originals and Public Noir close to your couch and heart.

We will be updating the app moving forward with new movies every month. We’ve also included a pilot and second episode of a comedic series we might continue to produce called Reel Riff Short Shorts, in which we riff on old instructional videos.

You can check out new movies in our Opera TV app and on our website, here.

Our app is currently avaialable on 1,190 devices.

You can find us on these brands.

  • Hisense (2015 TVs)
  • Samsung (2015 Bluray players)
  • Sony (both TVs and Bluray players)
  • Swisscom Set-Top Boxes
  • Tivo Set-Top Boxes
  • Vestel TVs

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