Kings is a three-part film noir series. The first in the series is Hit and Run and was filmed and chopped in 2005. It starts just after the passing of mob boss, Frank Calvin. His eldest son, Samuel, quickly puts a hit on his younger brother, Randall, because he has inherited the family business. Chaos ensues. Kings is a character study, following two sons of a mob boss and the lives they influence.

This was our first, fully independent production. We didn’t even own a camera at the time, and borrowed old camcorders to shoot the film.


Andy Barron, David Chirban, Heather Chirban (as Heather Jackson), Nathan Chirban, Stephanie Dixon, Chris Keehn, Matt Sherrill, Nathan Weaver

Camera Operator

Crystal Weaver


Nathan Weaver

What did you think of our first movie? Would you like to see more of the Kings story? Sound off in the comments.


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