Kings 2


Skipping forward, probably a few years, from the first film this chapter in the Kings trilogy introduces us to some new characters while keeping the old ones (mostly) intact. We pick up with Samuel barely hanging on to the Calvin legacy, as he has squandered the inheritance away with bad decisions. Mercedes has lost her badge in a quest for justice and redemption. And Randall, as true to his promise to Jo, is trying to make a clean life.


(a much bigger cast)


Nathan Weaver

Status. I wish I could tell you something good. But this film fell out of production, when we were maybe a quarter of the way in. A shame too, because it was loads better in every way than the first one. Not that I don’t like the first one, but our talents and skills definitely matured by the time we got to this film. We all still have a desire to finish this series, and toy with the idea of going back to the beginning and starting over. One way or another, I will tell this story some day.

Snapshots from the movie



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