What is Public Noir?

This is Nathan Weaver, and I began doing the Public Noir project for several reasons. Let me try to break these reasons down.

I love film noir.

I really love film noir, and a lot of the old ones have fallen into public domain. Which is no surprise, as a lot of the old noir films were B-rated movies, and so very little love has been given to them through the years. But the reality is that there really are some good, little gems hiding away, and I want to find them and share them with you. All of the films I share will be in the public domain, and therefore I am not breaking any copyright laws by streaming them to you, nor are you by viewing or downloading them.

Public Domain is a good thing.

Over the past decade, probably longer, we’ve seen the concept of public domain be slowly chiseled away. Industries lust for ownership, copyright laws change to accommodate longer and renewable ownership, and so on. But I want you to know that public domain is a good thing. It used to be that educators felt safe to share content with their class, now they’re afraid to as concepts like public domain and fair use get relegated to a corner called ‘outdated’ and new digital laws take place. A lot of these films we’ll be looking at would be long forgotten if left to the hands of owners who saw no profit in them, but can live on as those who care about them can share them legally as part of the public domain.

I have a heart for encoding and streaming practices.

I really have a heart for encoding video and streaming practices. I worked in television for a few years, and hardly touched digital media. I then left television in 2005 for the educational sector and started dabbling into streaming video for the first time. I can remember YouTube coming on the scene that same year, as I was learning and growing in digital media. And it’s been exciting times for streaming media ever since. During this practice, I will be sharing my encoding techniques for the movies, in an attempt to educate, and hopefully you’ll learn a little something about encoding and streaming along the way. And hopefully, I will too.

Discussion is welcome.

I strongly encourage you to reach out to me, and spark a discussion. You can use the comments on a blog for this, Circle me on Google+ or even send me an email. If you are learning about encoding and streaming as well, and have questions, please let me know. I’ll answer as best I can.

What I hope you get from this.

I hope you enjoy the movies a lot. I hope you come to appreciate the public domain. I hope you learn with me about encoding and streaming practices, and think more about accessibility on lower-bandwidth connections.

Had enough rambling? Go back to the movies.

But what about you? What brings you here? How did you stumble on the site? And will you be coming back for more? What do you hope to get from this project? Do you have any suggestions? Questions? Please feel free to sound off in the comments.


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